About us

Synergy is established by a team of Accountants, Business Consultants and Company Secretaries. We provide a wide range of professional services and workplace solutions for representatives of multinational corporations, start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Details»

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Virtual Office

Synergy's customer service team helps you build a professional corporate image. Our specialized staff members are your business partners and take on secretarial or receptionist tasks for you on a shared resource basis. The ideal and cost-effective alternative with minimal overhead. We maintain our customer service to client ratio below 50:1 (similar to a small to medium enterprise set-up) to safeguard our service level. Our professional services and conference facilities meet your various business needs. With a simple and flexible fee structure, Clients can enjoy our services at zero upfront costs and terms that suit you. Services we offer include:

Corporate Address Service starting from $83 average per month

Personalized Reception Service $224 per month during promotion

High quality digital phone system and a professional customer service team

Fax Service $46 average per month

Efax let you stay in touch with your clients. No more standby in office to wait for the signed agreement. Save your time and money for equipment costs.